Hero's Stunts On Mount Everest!!

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The very thought of the world’s tallest peak Mount Everest brings goosebumps to your skin because the visual is magnificent. Having said that, you would relish imagining this peak or watching it on television but never think of actually scaling it. There are a certain set of tough nuts whose only goal in life is scale this peak.

Given that situation, can you imagine our film hero getting to Mount Everest and performing stunts there? Yes, this does sound a bit unimaginable but one Tamil hero has made it possible. He is none other than the sharp eyed Tamil star Karthi. It is known that Karthi is arriving with the movie ‘Dev’ and the first look wowed all.

This is touted to be a complete action thriller and as part of that Karthi and his team went to Mount Everest and did some high adrenaline stunts. The film is being helmed by a debutante named Rajat Ravi Shankar and it is heard that the Everest episode is going to be the highlight. The sweet Punjabi Lassi Rakul Preet Singh is the leading lady.


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