40 Member Gang To Tackle '#MeToo'

By - November 12, 2018 - 03:00 PM IST

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When a movement is started it would only develop the strength if the number of people involved keeps increasing. In the recent past, the ‘#MeToo’ movement has been causing quite a sensation and the worst hit has been the cinema industry. This has not spared even the Telugu Film Industry and here is an update.

It is heard that recently a forty member gang of actresses belonging to the Telugu industry met up at Annapurna Studios and have come up with a panel. This panel is going to hear all the allegations and complaints raised by the women of the industry. The objective is to create a safe working environment for the ladies.

While this is a good move indeed, based on the types of complaints received and due diligence performed, this panel would also get a clear idea of how many cases are actually genuine and how many are just misusing this new movement. The cute smile queen Samantha is reportedly advocating strongly about this panel.


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