2.0 Vs Raw Movie

By - November 20, 2018 - 12:30 PM IST

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The clock is ticking for the most talked about and highly anticipated movie of the year to hit the screens so it is obvious that the rest of the movies would make way for its release. We are talking about ‘2.0’ featuring Style Samrat Rajinikanth and helmed by the showman of the south Shankar. But here comes the twist in the tale.

There is one movie which is now pitting itself against ‘2.0’ and some are calling it the Mini Baahubali and there is a reason for that. We are talking about the movie ‘Bhairava Geetha’ which is being produced by the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma. Not much publicity has started for this as it is a small budget movie.

But the point to note is, ‘Bhairava Geeta’ is releasing in four languages and it is releasing alongside ‘2.0’. While Rajini’s magnum opus is arriving on November 29th, ‘Bhairava Geetha’ is hitting the screens on November 30th. It remains to be seen how it would withstand the big flick’s domination and make a mark for itself.

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