Bad Decision By '96' Makers

By - November 21, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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The business of cinema is rather complex and one needs to be quite practical and realistic when taking few decisions. Of course, gut instinct is always there but if that is not mixed with some rationale, the outcome would be negative. This is the discussion happening regarding the Tamil movie ‘96’.

It became a big hit in Tamil and due to that, all are watching the pirated version online. This has Makkal Mannan Vijay Sethupathi in the lead along with the petite beauty Trisha Krishnan. The impact is so strong that the man with the golden hand Dil Raju has decided to remake this in Telugu with big stars.

Meanwhile, reports from Chennai reveal the hero and heroine reportedly told the makers not to sell the movie to Amazon because they believed all will come to theatres. Well, this turned out to be a bad decision because they would have got a premium price. Now, all are watching the movie online and writing something or the other in social media.

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