'Lakshmi's NTR': Is This Silence Before Storm?

By - November 20, 2018 - 04:01 PM IST

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Just few weeks ago the entire media and the film fraternity was abuzz with just one news, the comeback of the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma with the movie ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’. It is clear that this movie is being made to show the perspective of Lakshmi Parvathi, wife of NTR, during his last years so you can imagine the sensation.

However, many are now trying to figure out why RGV has gone silent. He has announced the project, went to Tirupati and even released a press note. But after that, he is not saying a word so it is not sure what is happening. Meanwhile, one news in the social media caught the attention of many netizens and cine buffs.

Recently, music director Kalyani Malik and noted lyricist Sirasri were seen in a picture with the iconic S P Balasubrahmanyam. This picture was released by RGV stating that a song was recorded with SPB. But again after that he has gone into silent mode leaving everyone in confusion. Is he going to drop a bomb very soon?

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