Luck Factor For These Filmmakers

By - November 20, 2018 - 02:30 PM IST

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These days the power of social media and internet is such that even before a film is preparing to hit the screens, there is already a leaked version available on the net. If that is not happening, there would be some leaked stills or leaked scenes which give you a fair idea of what is going to come in the actual film.

In times like that, the makers of one movie seem to be quite lucky. Well, it is heard that the Tamil movie ‘Jigarthanda’ which came two years ago is now being planned for a remake and this is expected to feature Mega prince Varun Tej as an antagonist. If this be true it would be the first time Varun would attempt such a role.

The point of advantage is ‘Jigarthanda’ is not available on the internet nor has its digital rights been sold anywhere. Hence, the Telugu folks are not much aware of this project. This is proving to be the luck factor for the remake team. For the record, the original had the southern stud Siddharth as the hero.

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