U-Turn Decision From Struggling Hero

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Necessity is the mother of invention and similarly risktaking is the father of everything when things are not going your way. Making a career as a hero in the cinema industry is no joke and even if you have the right kind of background and influence you cannot be sure if you would survive even half a dozen movies.

Sumanth Ashwin happens to be the son of the noted producer M S Raju and he has been attempting to become a hero since many years. So far, his filmography shows his score has been quite weak at the box office. Another common feature is, most of his movies have been quite romance and youth driven.

But now, Sumanth Ashwin has reportedly taken a very bold decision. Well, it is heard that Sumanth is all set to do a movie which is completely thriller genre. Added to that, this is going to be helmed by director Srinivasa Raju who came up with the blood ripping ‘Dandupalyam’. Only time will reveal whether Sumanth took the right decision or not.

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