The Last Hope With 'Next Enti'

By - November 23, 2018 - 03:00 PM IST

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Ideally ‘next enti’ in Telugu means ‘what next’ and whether it is a mere coincidence or something else, it appears this next is going to be the last for someone. That someone is the young hero Sundeep Kishan. It is known that Sundeep has appeared in more than dozen movies and his best was the role in ‘Prasthanam’.

Since then Sundeep has been struggling real hard to make his presence felt and get accepted by the audience. So, he took a sensible break and is now arriving with the movie ‘Next Enti’ which has been helmed by the Bollywood filmmaker Kunal Kohli. It is evident that the movie is going to be released in Hindi as well.

Sundeep has also struck a jackpot because his leading lady is none other than the milky white beauty Tamannah. Given his track record, this is perhaps the maximum anyone can do to resurrect his career. Recently the teaser got unveiled and created a positive vibe so let us wish the same momentum continues even after the film arrives or else this would become Sundeep’s last.

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