Real Power Of Rajini In That Only

By - November 23, 2018 - 12:00 PM IST

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One of the main reasons why we adore and worship Style Samrat Rajnikanth is due to his mass appeal and body language that gives an adrenaline rush and goosebump experience. Of course, he does have an onscreen charisma but the real Rajini that everyone connects to is his Mass power. Hence, here is one observation.

It is known that Rajini is arriving with the movie ‘2.0’ on November 29th but many are saying his real power would not be seen here. Apparently, the film is so dominated with graphics and visual effects that Rajini hardly has any scope to perform or show his charisma. Also, he has a strong competitor in the form of charming star Akshay Kumar.

Hence, all are now predicting the film to watch out for is ‘Petta’ which has been helmed by the super talented Karthik Subburaj. Rajini is going to be seen in a mass role and it is heard that this is going to have gangster shades. The shooting has happened briskly and it is expected to arrive by January or February. That’s the story folks!


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