Will Pawan Kalyan Fulfill Their Dream?

By - November 24, 2018 - 10:28 AM IST

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Though Power Star Pawan Kalyan is being seen more frequently than before, it is in the avatar of a political leader and not as the onscreen demigod. The craze remains intact but somewhere there is a dissatisfaction among the cine buffs that they are unable to see their favorite star onscreen. And here comes another twist.

One of the most upcoming and sought after banners in the recent times is Mythri Movie Makers and they are working with all big names. Recently they got to share their thoughts when they reportedly revealed their ultimate dream is to make a movie with Pawan Kalyan and they are confident this dream would become true.

Looking at the present circumstances it looks highly unlikely that Pawan may do a movie in the near future. He had also mentioned during one of his public speeches that he is not into movies anymore. At a personal level, many are taking the side of Mythri Movie Makers so only time will tell whether Pawan will fulfill this or not.


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