Mahanati Director Angry On TS Government

By - November 28, 2018 - 08:00 AM IST

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The young and talented Nag Ashwin is the most sought-after filmmaker in Tollywood, after his last biopic film 'Mahanati' enthralled audiences and did a phenomenal business at the box-office.

But, the calm and composed director lost his cool on Tuesday and expressed anguish on his Twitter page by writing to Telangana IT minister KTR about the tragic death of his friend. Briefing about how his friend lost to the ignorance of a government hospital in Hyderabad after he met with an accident on Sunday night, Nag Ashwin sought what measures can be taken to avoid carelessness in government hospital.

In a series of tweets, Nag Ashwin said: "my friend died in Gandhi hospital on Sunday. he was alive for 3 hours after they brought him from the accident. as it was Sunday there was no proper care, the parents had to push the stretcher around themselves. at any other hospital, 3 hours would have saved him.

my sister worked at Gandhi and she says she can imagine.. on a Sunday night...why didn't they shift him somewhere else... I don't know...they were in panic..but really..in the capital of a state, why can't we count on a government hospital to rush to save a life. sunday or any day. what can we do @KTRTRS sir to make sure that the word 'government hospital' need not be synonymous with carelessness and death? my friend was easily one of the best cameramen we have in the state. I don't know whom else to ask sir. nobody should die needlessly."

Though his tweets, the director highlighted the dire need of doctors in government hospitals all the time. Nag Ashwin also mentioned that TFI has lost the finest cameraman of the state. On the work front, Nag Ashwin is yet to announce his next project after Mahanati but a report has it that Megastar Chiranjeevi seems to have given a nod to the plot suggested by Ashwin and asked him to develop the full-fledged script for his 152 film.

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