Rajinikanth's Plastic Look Holds Craze?

By - November 28, 2018 - 07:00 AM IST

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Being a superstar for many decades and ruling the roost may give you an iconic stature but the one thing you can never fight is age. The act of Nature tends to bring down your charm and wrinkles follow. Style Samrat Rajnikanth is, without doubt, a demigod for the masses and also for the cine buffs.

He is now arriving with the movie ‘2.0’ and few doubts are making rounds. There has been a viable difference in Rajini’s graph since the last few years at the box office and also in his personal look. At the same time, age has caught up and even his ardent fans have also caught up with the age. So, his main fan base is already 40 plus.

The other point to note is, it is not sure how many of the 18-25 years age group are following Rajini. To top it all, the plastic look has been more in his upcoming venture ‘2.0’ than the real Rajini. Going by all this, the odds are higher for this movie so maybe Rajini might make up for it through his next ‘Petta’.

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