Celebrities All In Praises For '2.O' Movie

By - November 30, 2018 - 04:22 PM IST

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Celebrities who have watched 2.O are all in praises for the film and its technical beauty. The 3D effects are being praised like anything. It is good to see many actors coming forward, making time out of their busy schedules to watch the film and share their views about it. Many actors have even shared their excitement a day before the film was hitting the screens.

It is always not the collections that matter. Sometimes, listening to people praising the efforts we have made also matters a lot.

Mahesh Babu: #2point0 is a cinematic gem!!! Gives you a never before seen experience... @shankarshanmugh sir ups his game to an all new level of sheer brilliance thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations to @rajinikanth sir, @akshaykumar and the entire team of 2.0

Allari Naresh: Today the future of Indian cinema became the present thanks to @shankarshanmugh sir’s vision, @rajinikanth sir’s constant energy and @akshaykumar sir’s versatility. Chitti 2.0 you will always be the SUPER ONE! #Thalaivaaa ...(Can’t wait to get a Chitti 3.0 for my daughter!)

Venkat Prabhu: Hats off @LycaProductions 4 your belief on @shankarshanmugh ‘s dream! only a superstar producer like u with immense instinct & stance can make this amazing dream into a reality. U r a connoisseur. U ensued our Indian cinema 2 reach da world standard so confidently #2point0

Dhanush: 2.O is ORIGINAL.. on par with any Hollywood film. MINDBLOWING. Thalaivaaa !! “ THE ONLY ONE “ mesmerised.@shankarshanmugh sir .. you are the pride of Tamil/Indian cinema. Congrats 2 d entire team. Don’t make d mistake of watching this visual marvel anywhere apart from theatres.

Nani: #2point0 @rajinikanth sir @akshaykumar sir @shankarshanmugh sir, BOXOFFICE KI DHIGIPODHII, Felt like a kid after a long time :) This is S-H-A-N-K-A-R-R-R-R

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