'2.0' Faces Trouble In Non 3D Theatres?

By - November 30, 2018 - 02:30 PM IST

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Coming up with a technically brilliant movie is indeed a great achievement but the point of reality is, we are miles away from having an infrastructure that can accommodate such type of technological upgrade. We are talking in terms of cinema and one look at the B, C Centers would reveal the reality.

True to that, the most hyped movie ‘2.0’ is currently facing trouble. Apparently, the film has been made in 3D format and even the film’s Director Shankar has been strongly urging to watch it in 3D theatres only. Due to this, an impact is being felt on the non-3D theatres. It is heard that the audience is keen on watching in 3D only.

As part of that, they are not hesitating to wait for few days before they get to see the 3D version in a theatre. This trend is certainly going to affect the collections of the regular theatres. How much of an impact it is going to create in terms of box office collections would be a mystery but this is certainly not the right thing to happen.

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