Talented Lady But Limited Luck

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Success meets when talent meets opportunity. That's true but not all successful people are continuously seeing opportunities. Why is that so? That's the million dollar questions which don't give logical answers.

Sai Pallavi, the talented actress who rocked the theatres with her performance in Sekhar Kammula's Fidaa is hardly seen later. Though she made her presence in "MCA" beside Nani, there is nothing after that. On the other hand, she is very choosy and the latest news reveals that she rejected the offer to act beside Kalyan Ram. The reason cited was that she didn't like the character she was offered.

Well, there is nothing wrong in her decision, but to cast Sai Pallavi the film needs to be a character driven. But not all films comprise the heroines those are character driven. The much-needed glamour and skin show may not be appealing on Sai Pallavi is the major comment that's making rounds in film Nagar, citing as a reason for her not getting the rushing opportunities.

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