Pawan Kalyan's Stand On Telangana Polls

By - December 05, 2018 - 06:53 PM IST

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We all know about the wide popularity and craze of Pawan Kalyan across Telangana districts. Not just his films, his political tours in the state also received a massive response from followers, fans and party supporters. But, given the early polling in Telangana and his busy schedules in AP, Pawan decided to stay away from contesting in Nizam, despite the pressure from his party men.

After making it clear that his political party Jana Sena will not be contesting in Telangana polls, the actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan has on Monday tweeted saying he would disclose his party's stand-in Telangana on 5th December, last day of election campaigning.

In a video statement that's put out on his official Twitter page a while ago, Pawan Kalyan started off with lines of popular poet Dasaradhi and said that political parties which claim to have granted new state and those which claim to have brought Telangana are in the battle. He urged the voters across the state to prefer the governance with higher transparency and low corruption. Now that his statement is out, it's evident that Pawan isn't supporting any party in Telangana.

The elections in 119 assembly segments of the Telangana will happen on 7th December and the result will be out on 11th December.

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