Fate Of Robo 2.0 Collections

By - December 06, 2018 - 03:30 PM IST

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We all know that when Director Shankar combined with Super Star Rajnikanth, the expectations will naturally fly high. If the movie is the 2nd part of their previous bumper hit “Robo” then they're bound to be more expectations when they unite again for “2.0”.

Adding to that the when Bollywood king Akshay Kumar was also part of the movie then the expectations got skyrocketed. Has the movie delivered what it promised? With a Rs 550 crore budget, the movie needs to get extraordinary collections and positive reviews, the later part was mixed and the collections seem to be just okay for 2.0. Though the movie has a good message to pass on and some extraordinary visuals in 3D, it is not getting collections up to the mark as expected.

The reasons for the not so extraordinary collections are due to the 3D version. As there was pre-release hype that the movie needs to be watched only with 3D effects to get full entertainment and the movie released only in few theatres in 3D version and the 2D version is not getting the expected crowd. But for 3D it is showing a house full almost everywhere.

The theatres showing 2D version has drastic fall in collections after the weekend and it may be a wait and watch for the industry that whether 2.0 will be expected to break even the cost. It is early to predict the collections but if the same trend continued, 2.0 may be an average grosser only

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