Polling Day Fears For These Films

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Many Telugu films including “Next Enti”, “Kavacham”, “Subrahmanyapuram” to name a few are planned to release on 7th December 2018.

There is no real problem for these movies in Andhra Pradesh, but in Telangana, the State Assembly Elections are scheduled on the same day and naturally, it is been a holiday for Telangana state. With both ruling party, TRS and Mahakutami taking it as a prestigious issue will be making all efforts to have a cent per cent polling. With this, the films releasing on this day cannot get cent per cent collections.

Especially in twin cities, the people will be seen in queues at the polling booths from morning itself which will affect the collections of morning shows and matinee shows. Many films have already shifted release to 14th December. As Cinema industry is superstitious and if the collection on the first day is less than normal, few might get a negative publicity.

Let’s wait and watch the plans of the concerned movies producers/distributors.

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