RX 100 Director Suffers Personal Loss

By - December 07, 2018 - 02:30 PM IST

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People can never forget Ajay Bhupati who created a sensation with bold and intense film RX100 with debutantes Karthikeya Gummaonda and Payal Rajput on Tollywood silver screen. Even as many are waiting for his next project on screen, people heard a shocking news that RX 100 director Ajay Bhupathi suffered a huge personal loss.

Ajay Bhupati’s father Vegnesa Ramaraju, 54 year old passed away on Wednesday night due to ill health. Ramaraju was receiving treatment for ill health at a private hospital in Rajahmundry. He was receiving treatment for a Kidney ailment and despite the best efforts from the doctors, they couldn’t save his life.

Vegnesa Ramaraju is survived by a son and a daughter. While Ajay Bhupati settled as a director in Tollywood, daughter is in the USA. The moment Ajay Bhupati’s father Ramraju’s death came out, many Tollywood celebrities expressed their deep shock. They called Ajay Bhupati personally and offered their condolences. Ajay Bhupati after turning the attention of entire Tollywood towards him with RX100 is currently readying for his second and in the midst of all this, the death of his father came as a huge shock for him.

Movie lovers and well-wishers are praying that he recovers from the personal grief and concentrate on his career and make his father proud. In fact, Vegesna Ramaraju has seen the tremendous success of his son and breathed his last.

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