Sandalwood Standards In Question

By - December 07, 2018 - 05:00 PM IST

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Nowadays, much as been heard about KGF in the film circles and even in Tollywood. Generally, Kannada films are not much talked about except in Tollywood. Even if they are talked about, they turn out to be art or experimental films. However, this is for the first time, a star hero’s commercial entertainer is intensely discussed across the industries. This is happening only in the case of KGF.

Frankly speaking the hero Yash who is playing the lead role in KGF is not having any popularity in other states. He is a new bee in other industries. However, the makers made the film not only in Kannada but also in Tamil and Hindi languages.

The makers are planning to increase hype and release it in a grand manner across various states. Already the film’s first trailer which was released last month attracted the attention of everyone. KGF trailer came as a refreshing change in Sandalwood. The visuals, quality and intensity in the trailer are never seen in earlier Kannada films.

The makers recently released another trailer and this too made the right impact. However many feel that the celebrities and critics from other industries are giving undue importance to the film and creating a lot of hype over the project. Popular Bollywood critic Karan Johar showered praises on the trailer and also on the film.

The film’s content may be of top quality as per the Sandalwood standards but still, it is nothing compared to the high standards in other industries. If one observes the film’s content, it looks like Young Rebel Star’s Chatrapathi which came two decades back. However while in Chatrapati, coastal backdrop was there, KGF is having Kolar Gold Field backdrop. The makers used little-advanced technology with regards to visuals and it is surprising that everyone is promoting the film as something on par with Baahubali.

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