Mahesh Babu's Voting Woes

By - December 08, 2018 - 10:13 AM IST

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People of Telangana voted yesterday for the assembly elections. Even star celebrities exercised their franchise coming out in open and even standing in long queues. But what irritated many is the unwanted media attention even as they are waiting patiently to exercise their fundamental vote.

Sources say when Super Star Mahesh Babu who enjoys a huge fan following came to vote, instead of leaving him alone, scribes followed and captured each and every moment with cameras flashing from all angles. The moment Mahesh Babu along with his wife Namrata came to the venue in Jubilee Hills, the media created undue hulchul. All competed with each other to get his byte for their channels.

Even after Mahesh came out after casting his vote and till he entered into his car, they chased him virtually causing him a lot of discomforts. Mahesh, who thought that there wouldn’t be much crowd at the polling booth, came without his security. The media attention and presence of scribes and reports made him extremely uncomfortable. Generally, people show interest in what Super Star speaks but if scribes chase him without his consent, then it will create undue discomfort to anyone. Hope scribes realise this basic fundamental issue and give even celebrities their breathing space.

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