Superstar Rajinikanth - The Magic Man Turns 68!

By - December 12, 2018 - 02:27 PM IST

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It wouldn't be surprising to refer the Superstar of this country, Rajinikanth, an absolute magician. His walk, his talk, his style and his acting, speak about any aspect of him - everything looks and sounds magical. His magical talent is not just confined to films and acting, but his appearance off the screen and humble nature also got him millions of die-hard fans all over the world.

Rajini is not as good-looking as Kamal Haasan, not a good dancer like Hrithik Roshan, but he enjoys a bigger fan base and larger craze when compared with any other actor in India. His fans go crazy for his movies on day-1 of release and they celebrate it like a festival. Isn't that called a pure magic of Superstar? Be it a simple walk or a classic dialogue like 'Ee Basha Okka Saari Chepte Chalu, Vandha Sarlu Cheppinattu', fans go gaga over him. Not just in Tamil Nadu, Rajinikanth's immense craze is spread across this country and even Bollywood actors love to mimic his style to gain the attention of his fans. When it comes to style, he is second to none.

Why is his image so special and very versatile!? - because Rajinikanth is not treated a reel star but also is a real Superstar. Generally, we never get to see out stars without makeup and wig when they appear for a public function. But, Rajinikanth is one actor who makes an exception to it. He is always quite a simple man without any hoopla around him. That could be one of the reasons why audiences feel surprised to see his energetic walk/dance on silver screen. 'I am an actor only on the screen when it comes to off-screen, I am just an ordinary man like everyone,' tells Shivaji actor.

These days, a vanity van for star heroes/heroines have become quite common at shooting location, so that they can get relaxed between the shots. But, Rajinikanth doesn't like to use the vanity van till the shoot is finished for that day. He even likes to have his lunch with the movie unit and loves to make fun with light boys during the break time.

Having started his life as a bus conductor, Rajini always keeps saying 'never forget where you came from'. The actor knows about his failures, struggles during the early stage of a film career and that's the reason he never takes the success to his head. Going by his actions and words, it's quite clear that he's the strength to go back in life and work as a bus conductor again. The Indian Cinema Industry may never have witnessed such a simple superstar. Maybe, we never can see an actor or a superstar like him. So, he is one and only one Superstar - Rajinikanth.

On the occasion of his 68th Birthday, iQlikMovies wishes him a great year ahead, happy and healthy life.

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