Godavari Guy's Powerful Dialogues For Bhairava Geeta

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Ram Vamsi Krishna, a young B.Tech graduate from the prestigious IIT Mumbai institute penned dialogues for Ram Gopal Varma's Bhairava Geeta. Ram Vamsi Krishna took entire film industry by surprise with his powerful Kadapa dialogues.

His dialogues exploded like bombs on the silver screen as many celebrities and esteemed guests watched the special premiere screened at Mahesh Babu's AMB multiplex, yesterday at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Many were under the impression that he hails from the Rayalaseema district and so came with the chaste Rayalaseema dialogues and got them right in a perfect manner. But we're surprised to know, when they came to know that he hails from East Godavari district.

He mastered Rayalaseema slang by reading a novel penned by popular novelist Madhuranthalam Rajaram. He put his heart and soul in penning dialogues for Bhairava Geeta with Rayalaseema slang by picking up the tricks of the trade from the novel. All the characters in the film speak only in Kadapa slang associated with Rayalaseema region. All of them started enquiring about the dialogue writer. He made a powerful impression as a dialogue writer on debut with Bhairavageeta.

Bhairava Geeta stars Kannada actor Dhananjaya in the lead while hot beauty Irra Mor is making her debut in the film industry. Already the film's first look, teaser and trailer made powerful impact on the viewers.

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