Maruthi Rao- Amritha Story As 'Bhairavageetha'?

By - December 14, 2018 - 06:23 PM IST

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Ram Gopal Varma who is reeling under a string of flops is coming this time as a presenter for a Kannada-Telugu bilingual entertainer Bhairavageetha. The film starring Kannada actor Dhananjaya and new hottie Irra Mor under debutante Siddhartha Thatholu's direction is slated for a grand release today.

Already the film's Kannada version which was released a week back is creating a sensation in Karnataka and the Telugu version premiers screened a couple of days back for the select few got the positive response from all quarters. The film is set in the 90s backdrop and features an intense love story with a rich girl falling in love with a low-class boy triggering cast wars in the faction-ridden Rayalaseema region. RGV already claimed that the film was inspired by a few real-life incidents and now speculation is on about the film's storyline. Rumours are spreading that the film is closely knit on the shocking and gruesome incident of Maruthi Rao-Amritha's real-life incidents.

Maruthi Rao unable to bear his daughter Amritha falling in love and marrying a low-class person Pranay, got him brutally killed. While Amrita belonged to Vaishya family, Pranay belonged to Mala caste and was a Dalit. The incident which happened in Miryalaguda, Telangana sent shock waves across the country.

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