Why Jakkana's Dad Supporting Her

By - December 21, 2018 - 03:00 PM IST

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Tollywood Jakkana Rajamouli's dad Vijayendra Prasad is in a dilemma. Many are wondering why is he supporting Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut who is constantly insulting our own creative director Krish. It is known that Krish directed Manikarnika-The Queen of Jhansi, a biopic on freedom fighter Jhansi Lakshmi Bai with Kangana Ranaut in lead and the story is provided by Vijayendra Prasad.

For some unknown reasons, Krish walked out of the project. Then came the news that some patchwork and few scenes were getting reshot. However, recently Kangana shocked all claiming that she directed 70% of the film. While in the teaser, only Krish's name was included, when it came to the trailer even Kangana Ranaut's name was included. This is turning out to be an embarrassment for Krish whose professional credentials are getting questioned.

When Vijayendra Prasad was asked about Kangana taking over the direction mantle, he said Kangana did so as Krish was busy with NTR biopic and she is doing only the patchwork. He even sang praises saying her scenes will be similar to Krish and she showed great talent. However, now Kangana is claiming that she directed more than 70% of the film. This shows Kangana is wantonly insulting Krish but Vijayendra Prasad is supporting her. This is hurting Tollywood movie lovers who are questioning his intentions.

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