Film Industry Keen On Vizag Lands

By - December 25, 2018 - 01:00 PM IST

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Film industry has many associations. Almost every craft has a union. They are united for different reasons. One major aspect is to fight the injustice with respect to payments and rights. The other aspect is the possibility of owning lands when the time comes.

Yes, way back in 1990s, film industry people have bought Film Nagar lands at very subsidized prices with the support of the then government. Eventually Chitrapuri Colony also has seen light where the low budget apartments were allocated for the members of different associations. Now, the film industry people are looking at the possibility of owning some lands in Vizag area with the support of the Andhra Pradesh government. 

It may not be a surprise to see if the government attracts the film people to set up the industry in Vizag by offering them lands to build houses and studios. Now almost all the members of different associations in film industry are united to explore a chance to own lands at subsidized prices in Vizag.

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