Vulgarity: Is This RX100000?

By - December 25, 2018 - 04:00 PM IST

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The world has seen RX100 that has released in the year 2018. The film pulled the attention of all the young audience right from the release of the trailer itself and recorded huge collections on day 1 at the box office. The major reason for heavy openings is attributed to the hot elements in the trailer.

Now almost every film that is made with a low budget is relying on this aspect of boldness in the trailer. The recent trailer of Bhairavageetha by young director Siddharth Tatolu also has showcased some hot smooches. Of course, the film didn't work at the box office eventually. Now the film titled "Nenu Lenu" has gone a step ahead and showed some vulgar scenes like blindfold much to the shock of many viewers. 

Some started saying that it is like RX100000. Obviously, the film is in discussion now which means the makers have achieved what they wanted to. But we have to see how the film works at the box office once released. Because not all the films those make noise before the release will see success post-release.

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