Favourite Location For Mega Guys

By - December 28, 2018 - 03:30 PM IST

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Film stars will have the privilege to cover the remote places on the globe. Generally, they do excessive foreign journeys in the name of film shoots. In fact, they feel monotonous visiting the same countries again and again.

So, they search for new untouched locations and reach there in order to quench their tourism desires linking them to professional needs. Allu Arjun went to Bolivia, a South American country for "Sarrainodu'; Krish landed in Georgia for "Kanche" and in Morocco for "Gautami Putra Satakarni". We find many examples like this. Now freshly, Azerbaijan has become a favourite destination for many.

Ram Charan explored this place for "Vinaya Vidheya Rama". This has inspired Allu Sirish and he influenced his ABCD unit to land there for a shoot. Now the mega heroes are in the awe for "Azerbaijan", an independent country separated from former USSR. We have to see if other mega heroes also step in there for their respective shoots.

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