Singer Baby Mania Finished?

By - December 28, 2018 - 02:30 PM IST

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There were a huge hype and hoopla that surrounded singer Vadiseleru Baby who gained popularity with her viral video of the song "O cheliya na priya sakhiya..." a few months back.

Many among the film celebrities tried to gain popularity by bringing her to the mainstream of playback singing. It all started with music director Koti, Raghu Kunche, RP Patnaik and eventually with Chiranjeevi and AR Rehman as well. Everybody wished her, honoured her and promoted her showing their altruistic angle. Raghu Kunche made her sing a song written and composed for her. All is well. 

But all of a sudden there is no news about her. No one knows if she is in mainstream or not. Is she a temporary sensation or will continue making playback singing her career? Only time should tell.

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