Swathi Lives Like Vidya Balan

By - January 02, 2019 - 11:58 AM IST

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Swathi Reddy shot to fame by stealing the hearts of all with her cute looks and lovely killer expressions in her show Colors. She went on to feature in few films on silver screen and created a niche for herself. She recently entered into wedlock with a Malayalee air pilot and is enjoying her marital bliss.

Swathi according to sources is planning her re-entry and has been listening to various scripts. Swathi of late has been putting conditions to all her directors. Swathi according to sources has put on weight after marriage and is now insisting that she will do projects only if the directors do not insist on her shedding weight.

Swathi, insiders say is keen to continue acting even after marriage just like other Bollywood starlets like Kareena, Anushka Sharma, Vidya Balan and our own Samantha. Many feel Swathi is turning out to be Tollywood’s Vidya Balan who put on weight but is not making efforts to shed it and instead happily doing crazy projects that his coming in her way.

Few years back,Swathi was trolled for looking slim in films like Tripura and Swathi is referring to it and pointed that when she was slim, people teased her a small girl and asked her to put weight and when she put on weight, they are asking her to shed it all along tagging her an aunt.

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