Will Prakash Raj Become Another Jaya Prakash?

By - January 02, 2019 - 01:00 PM IST

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Character actor Prakash Raj announced his entry into politics. He made clear that he will contest as an independent for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections this year. It is known that Prakash Raj for long has been firing on all cylinders against all political parties and he is spitting venom of PM Modi and BJP led Union Government in the country.

He came out more open after the brutal killing of journalist Gowri Lankesh, his close friend. Prakash Raj and Telangana CM KCR have many similarities. Both have their own ways and till recently they used to be very close. Many are wondering why PrakashRaj decided to contest as an independent as he could have easily become the MP, with the support and popularity of KCR.

Before Telangana assembly elections, Prakash Raj even supported KCR and campaigned for his victory. But sources say there are few differences in Prakash Raj’s principles and TRS policies. KCR is currently working on the federal front against BJP and Congress. But KCR in all probability will be forced to support BJP government at the centre and at that time, Prakash Raj as a TRS MP may become a headache owing to his anti-Modi and anti-BJP stand. So KCR did not show interest in making Prakash Raj as an MP on TRS ticket.

Many are now wondering whether Prakash Raj will become another Jaya Prakash in politics. Only time will decide Prakash’s Raj’s future in politics.

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