Top News Makers Of Tollywood- Recap 2018

By - January 04, 2019 - 08:00 AM IST

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People who made it headlines this year

These people have made to headlines in 2018 by saying something that really ended up becoming news, irrespective whether it was a good one or bad. Read on this story to know who made up to headlines, and why.

RGV- Lakshmi’s NTR

The minute Balakrishna announced that biopic on his father in all set to go on floors, RGV immediately announced that he is making Lakhsmi’s NTR. This latter film is going to be a take on a life of Lakshmi Parvathi and her relationship with NTR, as a second wife. Lakshmi Parvathi has asked Ram Gopal Varma to sow the script of the film, but he never did. He asked her to permit her in the making of the film if she believes in me. He told her that he may even change the script later. So she had to believe him when he has taken the responsibility of showing the truth.

Sri Reddy

This model-turned-actor was in news for using slang and vulgar language in addressing actor Pawan Kalyan. The issue became very big and went to the national level too. While she started the movement about casting couch, it turned out to be a political one as many other people had pitched in and it became political.

Balakrishna and his ‘bulbul’

In a video where the actor was canvassing during the elections, he tried to sing the national patriotic song. The actor-turned-politician had sung the wrong lyrics of the song where he was repeatedly singing bulbul, bulbul… This went on viral and a lot of trolled the actor for it.

Nagababu and his comedy

Nagababu, in a recent video, said that he doesn’t know who Balakrishna is and that he never heard of it. This interview just went viral and many have shared it and said that Nagababu was a little rude about it. The actor later said that he said it because he was angry and apologized for it.

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