Mega Brother Reacts To 'Comments On Balakrishna'

By - January 07, 2019 - 11:00 AM IST

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The recent comments made by Mega brother Naga Babu on actor Balakrishna has sparked a controversy in political and movie circles. From saying that he does not know who is Balakrishna to putting some indirect posts against him on the Facebook page, Naga Babu is kept on striking the Hindupur MLA. His statements also caused a social media war between Nandamuri and Mega fans.

In his latest video, the Jabardasth fame Naga Babu has made an attempt to offer an explanation about the factors that led him to tell 'I don't know who Balakrishna is' in one of his interviews. Besides admitting that he was referring to Nandamuri Balakrishna in his past videos, Naga Babu said: "Generally, I don't like to get involved in such controversies as I'm not in the need of gaining focus or publicity and I'm always self-satisfied with the name I have. But, there's a purpose behind my comments."

Naga Babu said: "Most of the people have assumed that it was my counter to Balakrishna after his remarks on my brother Pawan Kalyan (In the past, Balakrishna has said he do know who is Pawan Kalyan). But, this isn't the first time he commented. That person has attacked our family/brothers six times in the last few years. In fact, I did not target him but I'd just passed a funny comment about him."

By posting a media channel's video link wherein Balakrishna said he is not aware of Pawan Kalyan, Mega brother went on to add "there's no need to know who Pawan Kalyan is and who Chiranjeevi garu is, despite being in Hyderabad and Telugu film Industry. And I see no wrong in it. But, what really disappointed and hurt me is his (Balakrishna) comments on Pawan Kalyan, who stood for his brother-in-law (Chandrababu Naidu) by not contesting in 2014 & worked for their party's victory."

He further went on to question, "How fair is it to tell that you don't know the man who campaigned and supported your party in 2014 polls and why is your party sympathisers and few film industry folks are worrying about my comments now!"

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