Nayan's Next Is Going To Be Awesome

By - January 07, 2019 - 10:50 AM IST

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The teaser of Nayantara’s upcoming flick Airaa was unveiled on Saturday and it is bringing the audience to the edge of the seat. This Sarjun KM directorial says that the actor has made a departure from her usual makeup style of one of the roles. In this film, Nayan plays the role of Bhavani, who come from a rural background.

At the teaser release, the director said, “I haven’t seen Nayantara in such kind of role till now. So I thought of narrating it to her once and thankfully, she liked it.” For this film, a special photo shoot and makeup test was held. Nayantara was convinced that she can pull off the role, only after this photo shoot. It is quite common that actors darken their skin tone to play non-urban characters. But the director says that this aspect is going to be the main part of the story. Interestingly, many portions of the film are going to be in the black in white. 

He also revealed that the name of Nayan’s other character is the Yamuna, an ordinary girl from an ordinary family. So the film is going to be all about Bhavani and Yamuna, who are who unrelated and how their lives change for several reasons.

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