The Big Winners Are

By - January 09, 2019 - 08:00 AM IST

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The most happening television show in 2018 is none other than Big Boss Season 2, which is hosted by Natural Star Nani. A number of controversies, many filthy comments surrounded the show; everyone knows it very well.

Though the reality show winner is Kaushal Manda, other participants like Bhanu Sri and Nutan Naidu are now making headlines. Yes, Bhanu Sri is busy with some tele serials and dance shows, while Nuthan Naidu is busy in bagging movie offers. As of know, Nuthan Naidu has 14 films in his hand much to the shock of everyone. The common man of the Bigg Boss Season 2 acted in F2, which is releasing this Sankranthi.

Meanwhile, Nuthan Naidu's name is also making a sound in political headlines, as he is a big supporter of Jana Sena Party. Even though he is now maintaining silence about politics, he had a strong connection with political leaders, the grapevine says.

Coming to the other contestants Geetha Madhuri is busy with her stage performances, while Shyamala is busy with television shows and events. And the Big winner, Kaushal who is busier after winning Bigg Boss Season 2 title.

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