Gossip: Star Actress Dating Budding Hero?

By - January 11, 2019 - 09:00 AM IST

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She is an established star actress with almost 50 movies to her credit. She's got immense work experience and also shared screen space with several superstars and top actors in the south. Over the years, the starlet's name has been in several 'relationship' rumours but none of them turned out to be true.

But, a young and budding hero who is a son of leading Telugu producer seems to have set his eyes on that actress after he worked with her for his last outing. The actor who is still fighting to have a big break will be working with that beauty once again soon. While working together on their first collaboration, the young hero is rumoured to be successful in taking their friendship to next level. No matter how hard they try to keep their affair under the wraps, their frequent outings around the city are hinting that something is brewing between them.

Also, it is known from the Film Nagar sources that the actor's father, a noted producer, had warned his son over his activities and wanted him to concentrate on his acting career first. In the meanwhile, as the actor in question will be romancing the starlet again, he might make use of this opportunity to cement their relationship further. Though it is just gossip in the film industry, the large fanbase of the actress may disapprove this relationship. Only time will answer whether this budding actor really has won her heart!

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