Is Keerthy, Money Minded?

By - January 12, 2019 - 03:00 PM IST

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Keerthy Suresh, who got big offers and big successes at the early days of career is now named as one of the top heroines in South Cinema. Though some disastrous movies like Agnatavasi may give a shock to Keerthi's career, movies like Mahanati made her special.

On the other hand, she is now planning everything in the right way. ‘One may be a commercial entertainer, one may be lady oriented, but finally, it will be a good movie and my presence will never get disappointed’ the actress said in an interview. Grapevine is, she is now demanding a whopping remuneration. But Keerthy is not willing to open about remuneration related gossips. It’s a matter of demand, but I never gave priority to money, it’s the producer’s choice and they decide my remuneration, the actress said.

Interestingly, one more time she cleared the air about glamour factor, ‘I cannot do hot and glamorous roles, because it is not my cup of tea’ the actress smiled. Keerthy is now doing a Telugu movie, which is lady oriented with a new director.

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