Kangana To Take Revenge On Krish?

By - January 30, 2019 - 08:30 AM IST

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Damage was already done for Manikarnika which was released with sky-high expectations but failed to reach them. Who is responsible for Manikarnika’s debacle? Is it Krish’s directorial failure? Is it failed because of Kangana Ranaut's intrusion?

Many are questioning Kangana Ranaut and they are supporting Krish because Kangana humiliated Krish while he was directing the movie and this was almost confirmed by producer Kamal Jain. On the other hand, Kangana takes it very seriously and she is condemning the allegations which made against her. Grapevine is Kangana planning her new movie, which will go to floors soon which will be in her direction and produced by her, sources said. ‘She can do a film alone and she will go with it as early as possible’ a close source to Kangana Ranaut said recently. 

‘Kangana’s new and serious preparations about cinema are only because of Krish’s allegations’ they concluded. So Kangana is on a mission to take revenge on Krish and she is planning to prove herself. Let us wait and watch for Kangana’s revenge.

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