RGV's Film On KA Paul, Coming Soon!

By - February 01, 2019 - 08:30 AM IST

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As KA Paul aka Kilari Anand Paul a Christian preacher made a hilarious statement about him, Maverick director RGV took it seriously and he is planning a satirical movie on him as per hearsay. At the moment RGV is busy canning Lakshmi’s NTR and after it gets completed, he will concentrate on KA Paul, sources said.

Earlier it was KA Paul who asked RGV about his biopic, but RGV said ‘no’ even if Paul was ready to spend a whopping amount. As per RGV’s attitude, he never shows interest on KA Paul kind of people, but Paul deliberately commented on RGV for sensation. While KA Paul is expressing his over-enthusiasm, RGV also took it in his mind despite he is busy with Lakshmi’s NTR.

Once RGV gets hooked to anything in his mind, he will do some research about the issue and he will go with it. So, RGV’s satirical retort may give a huge shock to KA Paul and everyone hoping for that to happen as soon as possible.

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