Costly affair: iSmart Gift to Puri

By - February 05, 2019 - 06:25 PM IST

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Passionate director Puri Jagannadh is known for special gifts. Earlier comedian turned producer Bandla Ganesh gave a sweet shock to Puri with a costly cigarette lighter. The actual cost of the cigarette lighter was almost 44 lakhs.

This time Puri Jagannadh came with another gift, which was gifted by iSmart Shankar hero Ram Pothineni. Interestingly the gift is a bunch of coffee packets. But, the brand of coffee packets is too expensive and Puri shared it with social media.

Kopi Luwak brand coffee is world famous because of its versatility. As the seeds are acquired from Asian Palm civet, as the animal consumed the coffee berries and partially digested its seeds.

In the meantime, when Puri shared about the costliest coffee, many started searching about Kopi Luwak and some of them are trying to taste it. Coming to iSmart Shankar, the film already being canned and shooting is progressing cool. Nidhi Agerwal and Nabha Natesh roped as a love interest for Ram in iSmart Shankar.

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