Brahmi, The Iron Man: Allu Arjun

By - February 07, 2019 - 06:30 PM IST

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It was so tensed about comedian Brahmanadam’s health as he suffered from heart attack and underwent open heart surgery in Mumbai’s famous hospital. But, now all is well for our beloved comedian and great human being. As he is healthy and happily posing for photos with celebrities who met him recently, Brahmi’s fans celebrating their happiness via social media.

Recently Brahmi’s photo in which Mohanbabu also joined with him has gone viral in social media. And the latest development is, Allu Arjun met Brahmi and posed with him. Allu Arjun posted the photo and called Hasya Brahma as Iron man. Yes, Brahmi is an iron man, no doubt at all.

Actually, Brahmi is a doctor, whose laughing therapy used to cure some mental tensions, so, this man is the property of Telugu people one of the netizens expressed his view. We hope Brahmi will come back to silver screen with full of energy and he will entertain.

On the other hand, Allu Arjun did many films with Hasya Brahma and personally loves Brahmi well. The bonding between Bunny and Brahmi is very special, close sources to these celebrities are asserting.

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