Rashmi Questions About Men's Cleavage

By - February 08, 2019 - 08:00 AM IST

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Why only women’s cleavage will be in the discussion? Why not people dare to question men’s cleavage? Rashmi Gautam raised these questions through social media when some of the irritated netizens questioned her about vulgarity.

Small screen sensation Rashmi is known for her oomph factor and she takes social media to give answers for netizens' questions. Recently Nagababu posted a video on youtube which went viral. Nagababu triggered questions on men, who are questioning women’s exposing on various occasions. Interestingly Rashmi along with Anasuya thanked Nagababu for supporting them through the video.

Coming to Rashmi Gautam’s Q and A on social media, she replied for one question saying “Well to begin with I don’t like men wearing shorts when their hairy legs ... cut baniyans with all the armpit hair ...Half sleeve shirts ...with bare chest roaming on the beach ..where man's boobs hanging... Just a few to begin with ...my list is long” and the question is ‘we are living in a society. yeah, it meant for both sexes. can u tell any mistake in men's dressing ?’.

Many are appreciating Rashmi’s guts but some are trolling mercilessly over social media on her.

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