Manoj On Fire: Who Is The Caste Idiot

By - February 11, 2019 - 10:54 AM IST

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Idiotic behaviour of haters in social media is turning dirty many times but celebrities who are facing massive disturbance from haters are sometimes aiming their guns at the culprits.

This time Young Hero Manchu Manoj responded to one hater’s heated argument with him via social media. While Manchu Manoj questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Andhra Pradesh’s issues as “Sir ji is this for campaigning or are you coming to see our Telugu People's problems ?! Hoping the second one ... #APSpecialStatus #ApDemandsSpecialStatus” via social media.

Replying to Manoj, a netizen posted a rude comment; “You casteist idiot should first question @ncbn about how he spent 5 lakh crores given by central govt. no guts!” Manoj takes it seriously and strongly replied as “Peru chivara caste nuvu pettukunava ledha nenu pettukunnana ?! Mari ‘casteist idiot’ yevaru anna ?! ... I’m Niladisifying you ... cool brother :) Have a Nice day :) love u”.

In the meantime, Manoj is not at all supporting anybody politically and he cleared that he is not representing any political party. Earlier Manoj supported Pawan Kalyan for his vision about involving educated people in politics. Manoj may support YSRCP or another party all for the sake of Telugu people. Haters have to remember it.

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