Why Women Wear Bikinis At Beach?

By - February 12, 2019 - 03:30 PM IST

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Heart Attack fame Adah Sharma is known for her meaty glamour, especially with social media postings. Though she is posting some interesting videos like Mallakamba (a traditional art form of fitness and self-defence), she was popular in social media with sultry poses only.

On the other hand, gossips are just common for celebrities, but this time Adah Sharma slammed gossips very seriously. Adah Sharma is now doing one film in Telugu and it is titled as Kalki, in which Rajasekhar is portraying male lead. She responded to gossip, which stated as she is demanding exorbitant amount and she bagged a meaty item song.

“Guys! not true! I usually let false news die down but been getting so many messages so thought I would clear it out.I'm not doing a special song in a film as of now. whenever I am though I will share it on my official social media. Websites quoting that I'm getting paid an exorbitant amount for the films I do...good na ? be happy for me. after which u can continue to sulk n make comments about actresses wearing bikinis for attentionI guess it is shocking, why would these women wear bikinis at the beach??!” Adah Sharma posted in twitter.

As Adah Sharma known for her hot bikini acts in social media, many wondering it may be another publicity stunt from her. is it right? Adah Sharma earlier appeared in ‘Kshanam’ and Son of Satyamurthy in Telugu and she is now busy with some Tamil films and Hindi films.

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