Peddayana and Kurrayana: Chiru Vs Mohanbabu

By - February 18, 2019 - 10:10 AM IST

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TSR awards event, which was organized by Politician and Kalabandhu T Subbiramireddy in Visakhapatnam yesterday tuned to fun-filled Tom and Jerry like a war of words between Mega Star Chiranjeevi and Collection King Mohanbabu.

When Chiranjeevi called Mohanbabu as ‘Aa Peddayana’, a bitter change happened in Mohanbabu’s face. Within no time Chiru made a change in ‘Aa Peddayana’ and said ‘Aa Kurrayana’, the mood of Mohanbabu changed to fun mode automatically. All we know that Mohanbabu and Chiranjeevi are good friends, but ‘The words exchange’ will surely create ripples between fans. War of words between Mega fans and Manchu fans already started in social media and the tremors of the issue or moderate.

Earlier we felt ‘Manchu – Mega’ tremors badly, over ‘Legends and Celebrities issue. But after that Chiru and Mohanbabu declared many times that they are good friends.

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