Sultry Sunny Stuns As An Engineer

By - February 21, 2019 - 06:32 PM IST

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Porn star turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone makes headlines again but this time with engineering qualification. She has applied for junior engineer recruitment and qualified in it. Have you shocked about it? It is not a joke, it is serious. But, Sunny Leone was shocked after hearing about her engineering qualification.


And the real matter is, ‘Online Prank’ and it is just a mistake, sorry it is a big blunder many are commenting via social media. ‘In Bihar, it is fun to hear this type of silly prank’ netizens is responding like this. On the other hand, Sunny Leone also shocked and responded in social media saying “HAHA, I'm so glad the OTHER me has scored so well !!!!! lol...”. Recently, Sunny Leone name makes headlines with Cobra Post sting operation, which said Sunny Leone and many Bollywood celebrities were agreed to favour particular political parties for a big amount of money. Interestingly Sunny Leone chaired the top in that list.


However, Sunny Leone already slammed the report of secret operation done by Cobra Post.

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