Blooper Balayya Did It Once Again

By - February 26, 2019 - 11:58 AM IST

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Balakrishna after the debacle of Mahanayakudu has not even promoted his movie but yesterday he has come for the pre-release event of Kalyan Ram's 118 movie. As expected, Balakrishna has given his speech in his usual style.

After thanking the producers of the movie, he went on to say the movie "189" s trailer is amazing. In reality, the movie's name is "118". Though Kalyan Ram interrupted in the middle, Balakrishna was in no mood to correct it. Previously during the success meet of Aravindha Sametha, He mistakenly said 'Trivikraman' instead of Trivikram a couple of times during the speech.

Prior information about the movie and movie's team is necessary when we speak in public, but Balakrishna is missing it. On the whole, Balakrishna looked dejected throughout the event. Looks like, Mahanayakudu's verdict had affected him badly.

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