Naresh Vs Sivaji: Who Will Get 'Mega' Support

By - March 05, 2019 - 10:27 AM IST

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Upcoming general elections have already been setting temperatures high between political parties. Apart from general politics, many are discussing Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections also making headlines with many controversies in Telugu media.

Two panels lead by Sivaji Raja and Naresh are in a race for the chair of MAA and both are busy with their campaign. In the process of the campaign, recently Naresh panel has met with Mahesh Babu and after the panel met Mega Star Chiranjeevi yesterday. However, both said all the best to Naresh panel and they kept silent about whom they are supporting. On the other hand, Sivaji Raja panel also busy with their plans and they are also meeting several top cinema people. Earlier it was Sivaji Raja who chaired as MAA president with the support of Mega compound and his panel still believing that once again that support will be with them.

Meanwhile, many are questioning, “Is this range of Hungama necessary?” many are admiring, but politics is politics some are expressing their view.


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