90 ML Film Trailer: This is 90 much

By - March 05, 2019 - 10:35 AM IST

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It is not too much, it is 90 much and we are talking about the new film 90 ML, Telugu dubbed version of Tamil 90 ML. With ‘Idi Chala Thakkuva’ tagline, 90 ML trailer released just while ago.

The bold and vulgar flick was directed by Alagia Asura and surprisingly actor Silambarasan provided music for this controversial flick. More interesting is the main lead actress and Silambarasan is maintaining some ‘special relation’ since this movie beginning, sources revealed. Coming to the trailer, like Cheekati Gadhilo Chitakkotudu and many more adult comedy movies, this 90 ML also has plenty of double meaning dialogues. 

One of them is, all about the size of female breasts, and the lead actress is discussing it in a vulgar manner. All we know that sex sells better and the makers just followed that way.

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