'MAA' Fight Between Sri Reddy And Nagababu?

By - March 09, 2019 - 05:00 PM IST

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Movie Artists Association is gearing up for ‘battle of votes’ and two panels are in race; one is Sivaji Raja’s panel and other one is Naresh’s panel. As heat of campaign reaches top with both teams, some of the industry people are eagerly waiting for voting and results.

Interestingly Sri Reddy has extended her support to Sivaji Raja and she has already started serious allegations against Naresh’s panel members. Though Sri Reddy has good opinion on Naresh, she has started negative campaign against his panel because of Jeevitha and Rajasekhar. More interesting is, both teams are not showing minimum interest to counter or making positive comment on Sri Reddy. However, after Nagababu’s positive word about Naresh’s panel, many are making silly comments about Nagababu, saying as he has opted Naresh’s panel to counter of Sri Reddy only.

Couple of months back, when Sri Reddy made vulgar comments on Pawan Kalyan’s mother, Nagababu responded seriously upon her. After that Sri Reddy triggers Nagababu and she has started triggering Nagababu. However, after that issue, Nagababu never cares about Sri Reddy’s vulgar behavior on Mega compound.

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